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Konuşma Metinleri

Anzak Günü Şafak Töreni Konuşması, 25.04.2010


Honourable Christopher Finlayson,
Her Worship Celia Wade-Brown,
Real Admiral Tony Parr,

Honourable representatives of New Zealand Government and the Parliament,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

This morning, I am here, full of special emotion for being part of the commemorative Dawn Service marking the 96th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign.

There are events which, with their consequences, change both the destiny of a nation and the flow of time. Without any doubt, the battles of Dardanelles and the Gallipoli Campaign were among such events.

Gallipoli means so much to the nations represented at this occasion. No Turk, New Zealander or Australian can stand on the shores around the Gallipoli Peninsular without being overcome with the tragedy and the triumph that was enacted there.

Men of immense bravery, thousands of them, gave their lives. New Zealanders and Australians were serving their countries while Turks were defending their land. They were sure the pride of their nations. Their bravery and heroism transcended borders, nations as well as generations.

Every year we are looking back on our shared history, examining it and coming to terms with it. It is a challenge just as the events that took place at Gallipoli 96 ears ago have always been a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by everyone who fought there.

The tragic human sacrifices of war endured by our grand fathers and their loved ones and deeply shared by our peoples, has been transformed to a reciprocal bond of respect and friendship between our two countries.

Exemplary, special and extraordinary friendship has formed on the basis of the encounter between our nations at Gallipoli. Out of the horrors of war grew mutual respect that over the years has grown into friendship.

Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, demonstrated in his extraordinary message of comfort and compassion to the families who died in the soil of Turkey, provided the seed from which a deep respect grows between our nations.

On this occasion, I would like to applaud our leaders and the peoples who had contributed to this rare and significant outcome with their words and deeds deeply enshrined into our conscious which endures as a monumental example of peace and friendship between our nations.

The Turkish and New Zealand people share common characteristics of friendliness, compassion, a desire for peace and an intense pride in their respective countries.

2015 will be a significant year for both our nations. We will be marking the 100th anniversary of the Çanakkale (Gallipoli) Land Battles. Turkey would like to commemorate that occasion together with New Zealand and Australia in conformity with the strong feelings shared by our people.

As the Turkish Ambassador, serving to further strengthen the existing excellent relations between Turkey and New Zealand, a very friendly country, I would like to pay special tribute to Turkish, New Zealand and Australian soldiers who lost their lives in Gallipoli.

May their souls rest in peace.